What cops want: Troops, tasers, tough laws

Last updated 13:04 22/07/2008

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Tougher bail laws, equipping police with stun guns and boosting frontline numbers are all on the Police Association's election wishlist.

In a document released today, the officers' union spelt out its policy proscription for political parties.

Its priorities include raising frontline police numbers, as well as numbers overall, amending bail laws to reverse changes made in October last year which set a higher threshold for imprisonment and equipping all police with Tasers.

They also include giving police the power to take DNA samples from all suspects, introducing a new offence for starting a police pursuit punishable by up to 10 years' prison and forcing phone companies to archive text messages for six months so they can be used in police investigations.

The union also calls for:

* Adequate funding of the Government's new Organised and Financial Crime Agency;

* urgent passage of the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill;

* investigation of the effectiveness of British-style anti-social behaviour orders;

* allowing police to issue temporary "on-the-spot" domestic violence protection orders;

* lowering the age of criminal responsibility to bring 12 and 13-year-olds within the jurisdiction of the Youth Court;

* keeping 17-year-olds in adult courts;

* introducing mandatory third-party vehicle insurance;

* raising police numbers to match Queensland's police to population ratio by 2015;

* introducing changes to discourage vexatious private prosecutions of officers;

* giving police automatic name suppression in cases where they are being prosecuted for the use of lethal force.


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