Stuff Top 10 snow moments

05:16, Aug 17 2011
Cat in an igloo
Michelle Campbell built her cat an igloo.
Snow watson
A naked twist on pausing for thought in the snow.
Snow camp
A real winter camp in Cashmere, Christchurch.
Snow yoda
James Thorne stands by his Yoda snowman in Christchurch.
Snow in Wellington
Enjoying the snow with a make-yourself-a-snowman snowman.
Snow past and present
Jeanette King holds a photo of Christchurch's 1945 snow storm, in the same spot where it was taken.
snow dalek
A snow Dalek bides its time in Christchurch.
gal horse
With so much powder available, Leah Guilford made a snow pig, snow tiger and this snow unicorn.
snow scarfie
Scarfie antics in Dunedin.
Snow face
The snow added a creepy touch to this face on a Christchurch fence.
Snow Tuatara
One cool Tuatara created by Scott and Craig Mcfarlane in their Arrowtown backyard.

New Zealanders braved the cold and snow to release their creative side as one of the worst winter storms in history ravaged the country.

The Stuff inbox has been inundated with hundreds of snow photos over the last three days. Many depicted landscapes, roads and children having fun, but sometimes a more unique snow photo would appear.

The team at Stuff has compiled a top ten list of creative snow pictures. They include the crazy, unusual and bizarre things people have done or created with snow.

1-2. Some themes emerged, including sci-fi characters like Dalek from the popular science fiction series Doctor Who while Christchurch's James Thorne took time out to create a giant Yoda from Star Wars.

3. Christchurch's Jeanette King also impressed us after taking the time to match a photo of a notorious 1945 snow storm with this week's snowfall, snapping it in the exact spot it was taken nearly 70 years ago.

4. A touch of spookiness crept into the mix of photos when Paul and Denise Jory sent Stuff a photo of a scary snow face attached to a fence.


5. But one of our favourites was from Pip and Jane in Dunedin. The duo thought they would have some fun in the middle of the night and build a "snow wall" made from ice and snow bricks in front of their neighbour's door. Their snow building skills were one of the more unique talents we came across.

6. There was so much white powder available at Leah Guilford's home she couldn't resist making creatures out of it. She created a tiger and a pig but the unicorn was our favourite.

7. Creativity also flowed in the email from the reader who sent a photograph featuring a "cut-out" snowman face - the perfect gimmick for snow tourists.

8. Igloos, snowmen and snow animals were the most popular things for people to make - and we even received a photo which included all three.

9. There were also plenty of cute photos, including dozens of children having fun in the snow, building snowmen and igloos. Michelle Campbell's igloo, made especially for her cat, was one of the sweetest of the bunch however.

10. And then there were the naked photos. We decided to share this naked snow photo with you, and leave you imagining about the others we received.

* Honourable mention: Scott and Craig Mcfarlane's awesome snow Tuatara was simply too cool to resist adding it to stuff's gallery.