Kiwibank tape catches English

An embarrassing recording of National Party deputy leader Bill English in private conversation has surfaced.

The recording appears to have been made during a private chat at a function at National's weekend conference.

In an extended version, on the Scoop website, Mr English refers to the voters' view of "that nice man John Key" and his appeal to "Labour-plus" voters - people who believed National would let them keep all Labour's money, with more on top.

He also refers to needing to "sort out" Working for Families and suggests National will sell Kiwibank "eventually, but not now".

The emergence of yet another secret recording, hard on the heels of the Labour one - also from a party conference - suggests the coming election campaign could be even more bitter than the last.

In the recording, Mr English goes on to acknowledge that Kiwibank is doing well: "A lot of our supporters get a bit antsy about it ... but it's working."

On Working for Families, he suggests National would have done something similar if it had been in government.

Mr English said last night he could not recall having a conversation with anyone about Kiwibank. But he said National had pledged not to sell Kiwibank in its first term of office and that policy was unchanged.

The Dominion Post