Police should consider smaller patrol cars - constable

01:43, Jan 31 2009

An Auckland police officer says it may be time for the force to think about replacing its fleet with smaller cars which cost a lot less to run.

Constable Mark Bond said with petrol at around $2 a litre, it was time for police to consider changing the fleet of Holdens to smaller cars with smaller engines.

The police fleet is a mix of 3.6-litre and 3.8-litre, V6-powered cars.

In the latest issue of the Police Association magazine Police News, Mr Bond said police needed fast, well-built and reliable vehicles, "but do they need to have such vast engines?"

Police seemed "hell bent" on maintaining vehicles which individually consumed more fuel than two of the latest diesel or biofuel engines put together, he said.

The time for driving the "archetypal gas guzzlers has surely come to an end," he said.

Mr Bond suggested a fleet of smaller, more economical vehicles "using 21st century power sources" for patrol in the cities; a smaller fleet of high-performance larger vehicles for response work; and a fleet of small van-based units for a combination of patrol, custody, and accident/incident response work.