'Ghost chips' a hit in drink driving campaign

20:33, Oct 27 2011
Ghost Chips
LIGHTER SIDE: NZTA's latest anti-drink drive advert uses humour to drive the message home. The line "bro, you know I can't grab your ghost chips" has become a hit.

Shock tactics have taken a back seat to comedy in the latest anti-drink driving advert aimed at a new generation.

The clip, named Legend, was created for the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) as part of its ongoing road safety campaign.

It features a young man "internalising a really complicated situation" as he ponders whether or not to tell his mate not to drive home.

Rather than using the graphic images and emotional blackmail of previous campaigns, the clip instead relies on comedy to get its message across.

In a measure of its success, the term "ghost chips" - featured during one section of the ad - has already become a joke on Facebook, where the clip has been posted across hundreds of pages.

Comments on YouTube have praised NZTA for their approach, which comes on the back of figures showing that more than 40 per cent of all drink-driving crashes involve drunk drivers under the age of 24 years.


"Great ad," wrote C0rteks on the site.

"Honestly the lack of shock-value-crash-footage really helped this ad along ImO," (sic).

"Every other drink driving ad I've seen goes for the 'OMG look how mangled they got, that was unexpected!' angle and they just don't seem to have as much impact as this one did."

NZTA said the the goal of the advertising was to acknowledge the feelings a young man might have around speaking up when a friend was going to drive drunk.

"We want them to have the guts to speak up and say something without feeling like they've killed the mood," it said.

"We need to break through this barrier and the use of humour is key to achieving this successfully."

The clip has received over 120,000 views on YouTube since it was posted six days ago, and has received a generally positive response, with 250 "likes'' and two "dislikes".