Jonah Lomu's wives battle over his surname

03:37, Nov 18 2015
Lomu's former wife, Fiona.

Jonah Lomu has joined his third wife's online battle with his ex-wife.

The All Black great - who is again battling kidney failure - has gone public with his desire for Fiona Lomu, his second wife, to stop using his name to promote her business management and marketing company.

The website of Lomu Inc - Fiona's company - states Jonah is a client and also features a testimonial allegedly written by the 63-test star.

Jonah Lomu
WAR OF WORDS: Jonah Lomu.

Jonah and his wife, Nadene, say both claims are incorrect.

Jonah this week posted on his Twitter account: ''I did NOT write the testimonial on the Lomu Inc site, have asked for [Fiona's] self written testimonial to be removed but still waiting..''

He had earlier posted on his official Facebook page: ''Managed by Nadene, we are a great team!''


Nadene Quirk
ONLINE BATTLE: Jonah Lomu's wife Nadene.

Nadene had earlier posted on her husband's Facebook page: ''Jonah has no association with LOMU INC. should anyone wish to make contact or send requests to Jonah please email:''

The message written under his name which Jonah Lomu wants spiked states: ''Fiona took over the management of my business at the end of 2003.

''She gave structure, direction and purpose to the business through a five-year plan and implemented strategy around my brand that protected and enhanced its value globally.

She developed numerous business opportunities offshore and increased profitability year on year.

''She is a well respected business woman and was the key to my ongoing success during my illness, transplant and  post rugby playing years.''

Lomu Inc's website still lists Jonah as one of its clients.

A welcome message on the Lomu Inc website states: ''Lomu Inc was established in 2003 to provide business management and marketing services to one of the worlds most iconic sporting brands - Jonah Lomu.''

Nadene married Jonah in Wellington earlier this year.

As well as taking aim at his former wife's company, Nadene has re-ignited her war of words at Fiona's ongoing use of the Lomu surname.

''So I'm wondering which surname to previously married name, maiden name or my husbands surname and join those that won't let go..,'' she recently wrote on her Twitter account.

''It still baffles Jonah and I as to why his surname is held onto and used even years after being divorced, it must be what it brings..''

In an email to the Sunday Star-Times, Fiona wrote: ''As has been my stand since the marriage to Jonah ended almost 4 years ago I have no intention of responding publically to any comments.''

Neither Nadene and Jonah would comment.

In July, Nadene posted a series of tweets saying she would refuse to adopt her world-famous husband's surname until Fiona - whom he left in 2008 after five years of marriage - ditches it.

She wrote it might be time for Lomu's second wife to ''move on''.

''It's rather odd that yr ex wife follows and still uses Lomu lol, good thing im using my own name!,'' she wrote.

She added: ''I have decided to keep my name, no point being Nadene Lomu when Jonah's previous wife still uses his name'.''

Two days later and Nadene posted to her online followers: ''My husband wants only me to carry his surname, its been nearly 5 years and his ex still uses it lol, sometimes people need to move on!''

Nadene has since adopted her famous husband's surname.

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