Former mayor and wife die within minutes of each other

01:43, Jan 31 2009
Devoted couple: Former mayor Ron and his wife Mary, who died within minutes of each other last night.

Former Christchurch mayor Ron Guthrey and his wife Mary died within 90 minutes of each other last night.

Mary Guthrey, 91, had been sick for some time and passed away at 8.45 last night. Her husband, who was mayor of Christchurch from 1968 until 1970, died at 10.15pm.

Son Peter Guthrey said they were an incredibly close couple.

"They just lived for each other. Mum had a stroke some time ago and I think dad was just hanging in there for her. When she went it was like dad decided it was time to go too.''

Ron Guthrey, who was 92, fought in Egypt in the 20th Battallion during World War 2 and lost a leg in action.

He returned to New Zealand and recovered, continuing to play tennis and golf.

On Sunday night Sir Hamish Hay, Christchurch's longest serving mayor, died.



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