Bride admits blame for heavenly creatures

20:05, Feb 12 2012

A pre-wedding dinner party sparked a series of UFO sightings in New Plymouth on Saturday night.

Yesterday the Daily News received several reports of strange lights in the sky at about 9.30pm on Saturday.

One reader, who did not wish to be named, said a set of six bright red lights were seen travelling from the east before turning and disappearing in the north.

"At first there were three lights travelling in a triangle formation and then three more followed," said the man.

The Daily News reported the sightings on its website – and the answer to the mystery soon resulted.

Bride-to-be Sarah Lineham, who married Daniel Le Breton yesterday, said that during a banquet dinner for the bridal party on Saturday night a series of floating lanterns were lit and sent off into the sky from around 9.30pm.

"So it was us, I'm afraid," she said.


Taranaki Daily News