Nudist ordered to cover up

01:43, Jan 31 2009

An embarrassed Wairarapa man is the first nude beachgoer to be ordered to cover up on the Kapiti Coast because his behaviour was deemed offensive.

Senior Sergeant Alasdair MacMillan said a member of the public complained about a man sunbathing nude near the Kapiti Boating Club on Paraparaumu Beach about 3pm on Sunday.

The 26-year old Featherston man was found sunbathing with just a towel covering his eyes, and the rest of his body soaking up the sun.

"It was brought to our attention that someone found it offensive and police went down there," Mr MacMillan said.

"The man thought it had been made legal. He was very embarrassed and left with a warning.

"If someone thinks it is offensive, we take each case on its merit."


The man would have faced charges if he had not dressed and moved on, Mr MacMillan said.

Kapiti Coast district councillors decided last month to remove any reference to naked sunbathers from the proposed 2008 beach bylaw, on the grounds that it would be unlikely that the council could successfully prosecute anyone for being nude on the beach.

Instead, any behaviour regarded as lewd or offensive would be dealt with by the police.

The issue has sparked heated debate in the community.

Submissions to the draft beach bylaw close on October 24.


The Dominion Post