Wheel clamping annoys Chch woman

01:43, Jan 31 2009
IRATE: Carolyn Thompson, recovering from ankle injuries, found her car clamped at Eastgate.

A Christchurch woman nursing two broken ankles is irate that "extremely abusive" staff from a wheel-clamping company targeted her vehicle in a disability carpark.

Carolyn Thompson, who broke both ankles in May, met her partner at Eastgate Mall last week.

He had driven her car to the mall and parked it in a disability park while the two made contact. A mobility parking permit was displayed.

On returning to the vehicle, Thompson found it clamped because someone had seen her able-bodied partner get out of it.

She paid $150 and surrendered her mobility parking permit to the "extremely abusive" warden to free the vehicle.

"I just paid the money, it was all I could do," the 60-year-old said.


Peter Wilson, the national development manager for CCS Disability Action which issues mobility parking permits, said Thompson had to be in the vehicle when the parking permit was used.

He suggested partners park in normal carparks and retrieve the car when required if meeting a disabled person.

Gordon Ward, a director of the New Zealand Wheel Clamping Company which patrols most Christchurch malls, said he would consider refunding Thompson's money and permit if she wrote to him outlining the details.

He said his staff were not intimidating but may have acted out of line.




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