Millie Elder 'clean' for more than two years

19:42, Mar 25 2012
Millie Elder
ON THE MEND: Millie Elder.

Former P-addict Millie Elder is winning her battle against drugs, revealing she has been "clean" for more than two years.

In the latest edition of Metro magazine, the daughter of celebrity broadcaster Paul Holmes reveals her estrangement with her father over her drug addiction is also at an end.

At the height of her four-year battle with methamphetamine, Elder was arrested and even stole valuable items from her family to pay for her habit.

A desperate Holmes tried to get her off drugs, but was unsuccessful and the pair were estranged for two years. They reconciled in September 2010 when Elder called to ask to come to stay.

Elder and boyfriend Connor Morris made the decision to quit drugs and went cold turkey in late 2009.

She says the three months after they gave up the drug were the worst. All the pair did was eat, sleep, watch tv and put on weight.

"It was horrible. Really horrible. You get really fat. I went from 55kg to 85kg - I'd just cry about how I looked and how I felt," she told Metro. "When you get that fat, all you think is it'd be easy if I get back on the drugs and I could just lose all this weight, and I thought like that for a long time."

The pair are still together and Elder tells Metro she wants to marry and have a family with Morris.

Elder said looking back at the height of her addiction, "I cringe. I just think I was a bit of a shit to be honest . . I didn't really care about anyone else but myself. It was a really selfish period in my life."

She now works at the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, in export documentation, where she has been for 16 months. And she is studying for a diploma in international trade from the NZ School of Export.

Holmes also makes some revelations of his own, telling Metro that he once got an associate to kidnap Elder and bring her home. "Next thing there's screaming and shouting and they throw her in the door. That didn't work either."

While battling Elder's addiction, he said the family had "intense nights and lots of shouting and I'm ashamed. We lived in a violent house for a few years."

Now, the pair are at peace. Holmes says love brought his daughter back, while Elder says: "Dad has mellowed. And we've both grown up."


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