Toy sparks gun scare at school

Police have recovered a toy pistol from a youth after a gun scare at Christchurch's Burnside High School.

A male described as Maori, aged 16 to 18, wearing a black coat and dark jeans, was seen by students walking through the grounds about 11am carrying what appeared to be a silver pistol, police said.

A youth was spoken to by police this afternoon.

The gun was not pointed at anyone and no threats were made, police said.

Pupils posted on Facebook that the large secondary school was in lockdown.

Press journalist Jane Dunbar, whose 13-year-old daughter attended Burnside High School, said they had been given the all-clear shortly after midday.

"My daughter texted me saying they were in lockdown because someone dodgy was on the school grounds," said Dunbar.

Police said they believed the male was no longer in the vicinity of the school, and asked people who saw him to contact them.