Going down? Driver takes a nosedive in parking lift

01:43, Jan 31 2009
EMERGENCY STOP: Fire crews had to rescue the embarrassed driver from her upended car. She had not driven far enough into the car lift and her towbar got caught on a ledge.

An embarrassed driver needed a lift from emergency services after her attempt to use a Wellington parking building elevator nosedived.

She drove her Ford Falcon into the car lift in the Taranaki St building shortly after 3pm yesterday and pressed the down button, but her towbar caught on a second-floor ledge as the lift descended – leaving her in a slow drop to the ground floor.

Fire service spokeswoman Belinda Beets said the woman called on her cellphone to say she was upside down and stuck in her car.

"She was calm and uninjured so we just told her, 'Hang in there, we'll be there shortly.' "

Senior station officer Rex Verry said the lift door closed successfully, but the woman had not quite driven far enough in. "She was not injured – only her ego," he said.

The woman, sporting a graze on her thigh, was checked by ambulance staff at the scene after spending about 15 minutes trapped.

She was laughing, but refused to comment.

Mr Verry said he had seen several people drive through car ports and down banks around Wellington but never down a lift shaft.

The woman's insurance company was left with the task of removing the car.


The Dominion Post