Marie Shroff: Public sector privacy lessons

04:45, Apr 23 2012

Wellington lawyer Mai Chen's new book, The Public Law Toolbox, is an ambitious attempt to "open source" public law.

She takes her quest one step further in a series of interviews for Stuff - the first with Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff, who is the woman of the hour over ACC leaks, including a massive privacy breaching involving the names of more than 6500 ACC claimants.

In the interview, Shroff tells Chen why she hopes the inquiry will provide lessons for the entire public sector - and warns that in an age where personal information is increasingly the currency, the public sector can't afford to breach peoples' trust.

"It is an incident like the ACC breach which will focus people's minds and make them realise the risk to a public sector agency is almost as large as to a private sector agency.

"To a public sector it is the loss of trust, and loss potentially of voluntary cooperation."