Car crashes into house in Mt Roskill

04:36, May 08 2012
car house crash
NO HANDBRAKE: The car on White Swan Rd which ran down into a house backwards and damaged the front.

A car crashed through a fence and into a Mt Roskill house after its owner left the handbrake down just after midday today.

Luckily no one was home at the White Swan Rd home when the accident happened.

An elderly couple live there with their son Andy Alexander.

"Mum came home and saw police and the fire service here and they told her what happened," said Alexander.

"It seems the owner went off to get some lunch and left the handbrake off. We haven't seen the owner at all, we don't know where he is."

No one was hurt in the accident.

The wall of the house where the car crashed into needs to be strengthened before the vehicle can be removed.

"We're waiting for the insurance people to come over and have a look. We need to be able to prop the wall up before the car can be removed because it's pushed a big hole through the wall," Alexander added.


car house crash
RUINED: Resident of White Swan Rd, Andy Alexander, peers from the wrecked front room after a driverless car rammed the house today.

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