What you clicked on: Stuff's top 10 stories of the week

22:23, May 13 2012
Supermarket specials
NOT SO SPECIAL: Looking for a good deal, but are the supermarket specials really special or just misleading?

The top 10 most popular stories on Stuff last week ranged from the disappearance of a Russian passenger jet, to the evils of broccoli, and a controversial breastfeeding cover for Time magazine.

1. Wreckage of missing Russian jet found

The crash of a new, Russian-made jetliner into a jagged, Indonesian volcano during a flight to impress potential buyers leaves 45 dead.

2. Tongariro crash: Girl went to help injured

A remarkable eight-year-old girl went to the aid of those injured in the horror road crash near Tongariro that left three Boston University students dead.

3. Suspicious deaths investigated

Police investigate the death of a woman found dead in her Richmond home, while a man's body is discovered on a Timaru street.

4. Broccoli is worse than Coke? OMG!

Dieters are often made to feel bad about their pursuit of skinniness, but why shouldn't we celebrate it, asks Venice A Fulton, author of the controversial e-book, Six Weeks to OMG.

5. Supermarket specials may be investigated

The Commerce Commission is considering a complaint that Countdown supermarkets may be misleading shoppers with false "specials" prices.

6. Wife watches soldier husband's death on Skype

An Army nurse showed no alarm or discomfort before suddenly collapsing during a Skype video chat with his wife, who saw a bullet hole in a closet behind him, his family said.

7. 'Cracking it' on welfare in Huntly

Mike Watane had plans and savings when he was a kid. He wanted to go around the world.

8. Swarm of quakes rattles South Island

A swarm of earthquakes rattled the South Island but seismologists don't believe there is any cause for alarm.

9. $830,000 health salary

A mystery medical professional in Southland is pulling an "extraordinary" $830,000 salary.

10. Startling attachment parenting cover

A startling Time magazine cover image of a mother breastfeeding her three-year-old son has sparked debate about the technique known as attachment parenting. 


NELSON DEATH: Scene where a woman's body was found in Richmond.
NELSON DEATH: Scene where a woman's body was found in Richmond.
CRASH: The ill-fated Russian Sukhoi Superjet.
CRASH: The ill-fated Russian Sukhoi Superjet.