What you clicked on: Stuff's top 10 stories of the week

23:26, May 20 2012
tdn beer
SOMETHING (C)OLD: Hawera farm worker and March bride Katrina Hayman cools off with a swig of beer at the Taranaki Bride of the Year competition in New Plymouth.

Last week's 10 most read stories ranged from a beer-drinking bride to a questionable carpet clean exposed on TV and a high-flying lawyer who overdosed on P.

Check out the full list of stories that most captured reader's attention in the past week.

1. Beer-drinking bride bemused

Kara Hurring
FOUND GUILTY: Kara Hurring was found guilty in Rotorua on 30 counts of theft, dishonestly using a bank card and money laundering.

A bride sparked unwarranted controversy after drinking a bottle of Tui while wearing her wedding dress at the Taranaki Bride of Year competition.

While many expressed their disdain for the photo of her sipping a brew, and competition organisers called for an apology, Taranaki newly-wed Katrina Hayman said "so what"?

2. Target carpet cleaner in court

Last week's episode of consumer affairs show Target sent its viewership into disbelief at the actions of one carpet cleaner, who rifled through a customer's underwear draw, before using said undies to clean himself up after a porn session on his client's computer.


CHARGED: A carpet cleaner featured on the TV show Target has been charged with committing an indecent act at a customer's house.

He appeared in court the day after the episode aired charged with burglary and wilfully accessing a computer.

3. Accidental millionaire jury retires

The country waited with bated breath to hear the verdict in Kara Hurring's trial against 30 charges relating to an overdraft error which saw $10 million accidentally deposited into her partner's account.

Hurring was found guilty of charges of theft, dishonestly using a bank card and money laundering after the money was mistakenly transferred into her former partner, Leo Gao's, business account overdraft in April 2009.

4. NZ passport holder apologises over hang-glider's death

New Zealander William 'Jon' Orders apologised for swallowing the evidence of an investigation into the death of a woman while he was taking her on a hang-gliding tour.

Orders, 50, appeared in a Vancouver court charged with obstruction of justice after he swallowed the memory card in a moment of 'panic' after Lenami Godinez-Avila plunged 300 metres from the tandem hang glider he was flying.

He made a public apology to her family.

5. Mau tells anti-gays to chill out

Speaking ahead of a campaign launch from Rainbow Youth, television presenter Alison Mau said homophobic Kiwi's needed to "wake up".

The Fair Go presenter came out in 2010 about her relationship with Karleen Edmonds.

Now she has come out and backed vulnerable youth, who may be having a hard time coming out themselves.

6. Insurance high-flyer Lisa MacMillan overdosed on P

Nobody knew that the driven, successful and intelligent woman who held a lead insurance job at AXA was a secret P-user.

In a coroner's report released last week, it was revealed she overdosed on methamphetamine before she was found unresponsive on the bedroom floor of her Fairfield flat in Lower Hutt in 2010.

7. Hundreds request banned mummy porn

Readers can't get enough of Fifty Shades of Grey - the erotic novel detailing the escapades of a billionaire and the wild, bondage sex he carries out with his virgin-no-more play thing.

It topped the New York best-sellers list and now it's made it into Stuff's top 10 list for the week.

8. Penis-shaped chocolates sour Mother's Day event

A bungled Mother's Day event where children were given erotic chocolates had parents in an uproar at a public primary school in Woodberry, Australia.

Several parents were horrified that bags containing chocolate penises and breasts were handed to children to give to their mums.

They criticised members of the school's parents and citizen's committee - revealing the school was also grappling with a bitter personal rift between members and some parents.

9. 4.8 quake rattles Christchurch

Christchurch was rattled by a 4.8-magnitude quake on Sunday.

It was just 20 kilometres east of the city, and about 8km deep.

It followed a 4.1 quake from the day before, which was centred 20km west of the city, was 10km deep and struck at 9.35am.

10. Volcano grows at astounding rate

An astounding pulse of destruction and growth at an underwater volcano north of New Zealand provided scientists with new insights into the behaviour of submarine mountains.

Undergoing one of the fastest episodes of volcanic growth documented on Earth, it added about 8.75 million cubic metres of rock to its summit - a volume equal to 3500 Olympic-size swimming pools - in just five days.