Twins chill out ahead of ice trip

22:55, May 21 2012
  	 Zac and Josh Lyon
POLAR AMBITIONS: Twins Zac and Josh Lyon cool off in a supermarket freezer in preparation for an expedition to the South Pole.

They've already conquered the heavens, now two Hamilton brothers have set their sights on a voyage to the South Pole.

Twenty-year-old twins Josh and Zac Lyon will battle biting winds, blinding blizzards and temperatures of below minus-30 as they make their way 1100km from Hercules Inlet to the Pole, pulling sleds weighing more than 100kg each.

And once they reach their destination, they'll turn around and walk back. If successful, they'll be the first Kiwis to complete the return voyage.

The trek is planned for November next year, and in support on the Child Cancer Foundation.

Yesterday the pair got their first taste of just how cold they are going to be by spending some quality time together in a freezer of the New World supermarket at Te Rapa.

"It is going to be a bit chilly, we think," Josh Lyon said.


"I think the biggest challenge we are going to face will be ourselves. It will take a lot of physical strength, yes, but also a lot of mental toughness."

But having his twin brother there would make a difference, he reckoned.

"We know each other so well – our strengths and weaknesses, and we are pretty tight together. We are definitely going to be able to lean on each other."

The brothers – both students at Waikato University – made headlines last month after they sent a balloon fitted with a camera to the edge of space.

The pair are now seeking corporate sponsors for their polar trip.

Waikato Times