Wrong cat euthanised by Wellington vet

01:00, May 27 2012
TRAGIC MISTAKE: Tequila was mistakenly euthanised by a Wellington vet.

Collecting your beloved pet's ashes is never a nice moment, but it's even worse when your cat has been mistakenly euthanised by the vet.

Wellington couple Kelly and Richard Warriner-Simpson dropped their family cat Tequila to CareVets in Johnsonville for treatment, but were stunned when they received a call saying a terrible mistake had been made.

The couple told The Herald on Sunday that Tequila had a sore eye after a fight with another cat and they had expected to collect him later in the day with some antibiotics.

Instead the 7-year-old moggy was wrongly euthanised when the vet grabbed him instead of a similar looking cat in the next cage.

A heavily pregnant Mrs Warriner-Simpson received the news at work and was so upset she started to have contractions.

"I was so upset and I just wasn't dealing with it well," she told The Herald.

"Our midwife was amazing and was able to calm me down and stop [the contractions]."

The couple have laid a formal complaint with the Veterinary Council.

CareVets Johnsonville practice manager Nick Cooper said they had apologised and paid for a new pet.

The vet was "extremely messed up" and had taken leave.

She had been given a formal warning and told she would be supervised when she returned to work.


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