Women in Kaikoura brawl

22:46, May 29 2012

A group of women were involved in a brawl in Kaikoura early on Sunday morning.

Police were called out at 12.30am to a group of women from the Kaikoura area fighting in the Adelphi pool bar.

Constable Andy Grant said about eight to 10 women were involved in the brawl. There had earlier been conflicting reports of the size of the group involved in the fight.

"A single officer dealt with the incident. While investigations are ongoing, we believe it may have started out of some family-related matters," he said.

Grant said alcohol was obviously a factor "in these women making poor decisions".

Police told the women to go home and closed the bar.

But a while after the incident on Sunday morning, it appeared that some of the women had gone back to town.

One of women started a fight in another bar where an assault was reported, Grant said.

Charges were likely to be laid against some of the women, he said.


The Marlborough Express