Common sense urged for Guy Fawkes events

01:43, Jan 31 2009
HAVE FUN, KEEP SAFE: The public is being urged to use common sense during this year's Guy Fawkes celebrations and keep children at a safe distance from fireworks.

Today is Guy Fawkes, the one day of the year gunpowder and explosives are an acceptable part of the social calendar.

While November 5 is the date for fiery displays, the public is being urged to take care this year or risk the night being a fizzer.

SafeKids director Ann Weaver said they were championing a fun and colourful Guy Fawkes celebration.

"A fun, yet safe way to celebrate Guy Fawkes is to attend authorised public fireworks displays, where children are at a safe distance, and burns injury risks from fireworks are minimised," she said.

Police said injuries and damage caused by fireworks last year was a third lower than in 2006.

Inspector Marc Paynter of Police National Headquarters said that while last year was better, preventable harm still occurred. 


"Safety should be at the forefront of people’s minds when using fireworks. We urge anyone using fireworks to use common sense; keep children and animals out of harm's way.

"If you see people being reckless with fireworks, call 111 and report it," he said. 

The Fire Service encouraged people to attend public displays, but said if they chose to light their own fireworks they should follow safety instructions and use them in a controlled area.

The weather forecast did not look promising for Guy Fawkes this evening with rain, strong winds and even thunder storms expected throughout the country.

MetService forecaster Sarah Garlick said nowhere in the country was going to be clear and calm this evening.

The best bet for Guy Fawkes this year would probably be Wellington, Kapiti and Gisborne, although it would still be windy in these areas, she said.

Click here for listings of public displays around the country.