Officer's mad dash to aid birth

POLICE ASSISTANCE: Qichen Xiaoxian with her new brother who is yet to be named.
POLICE ASSISTANCE: Qichen Xiaoxian with her new brother who is yet to be named.

A police officer who helped a pregnant woman about to give birth get to hospital during rush hour traffic yesterday said he felt ''mild panic'' but wanted to keep the mother calm and happy.

Papatoetoe woman Liang Xiaoxian gave birth in Middlemore Hospital at 9.30am yesterday after she was helped by the officer when she realised she would not make it through a blocked motorway to get to the hospital in time.

Xiaoxian's sister-in-law Sarah Su was in the car with her and the baby's father Dibin Su when they had to take urgent action.

"My sister-in-law was in a lot of pain and she couldn't wait any longer,'' she said. "The motorway was blocked so we saw a police car on duty and parked next to it on the side and asked the police for help." 

Sergeant Polyvius Stylianou was dealing with a minor bumper-to-bumper accident when the car pulled up next to him asking for urgent help about 8am.

"I felt mild panic really, I had driven my own wife to hospital in similar circumstances so once we discovered her contractions weren't far apart we tried to get her to the hospital as soon as possible," he said.

"We transferred her to my vehicle - it's the best thing we could do under the circumstances - along with two of her family members to keep her calm and happy."

Other police staff were tasked with looking after the crash scene while Stylianou took the stay-at-home mum to the hospital in a trip that "necessitated the use of red and blue lights and a siren as the contractions were shortening".

It took about eight minutes to get Xiaoxian to the birthing ward.

Su said she was not prepared to help her sister-in-law deliver the baby on the motorway and didn't know what she would have done had they not spotted the police officer.

She added that her brother, the baby's father, was "nervous".

"We were so relieved because when we arrived [at the hospital] it was really quick, like two minutes, before we were in the delivery room and the midwife started helping my sister-in-law," she said.

The baby, weighing 3.75kg, was born less than an hour later and Xiaoxian and her baby were home by yesterday afternoon.

The couple - who are also parents to four-year-old Qichen - have yet to name the boy, they haven't ruled out naming him after the police officer who helped them.

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