Vandalism link to death

Jordan Voudouris
Jordan Voudouris

Police are looking at a possible link between the death of Paeroa pizza man Jordan Voudouris and vandalism to memorial items left outside the shop.

Detective Senior Sergeant Michael Whitehead said Police were investigating the vandalism of flowers, balloons, cards and other memorial items left outside Mr Voudouris' shop on Saturday night, after staff had earlier gathered and left items to mark his birthday.

 "Police are keeping an open mind and are following a number of lines of inquiry in the search for Mr Voudouris' killer,'' Mr Whitehead said.

''We are following up as to who may have caused this damage and whether or not there may be any connection to his death."

 Mr Whitehead said Police had not identified any confirmed motive for the homicide and all possible reasons were being considered - though it was "highly likely" that the information Police were looking for was held within the Paeroa community.

 "This development is another part of the puzzle that may or may not be directly connected to Jordan's death. That's why it's still extremely important that anyone with information that could help us makes contact with the Police. Even the most seemingly insignificant piece of information may be the vital clue that leads us to the killer."

 Mr Whitehead again expressed the Police's deepest sympathies to Mr Voudouris' family, as he was farewelled at his funeral today.

 "Our thoughts are with Jordan's family at this very difficult and sad time. We remain steadfastly committed to catching whoever is responsible for his death."

 The Police can be contacted at the Paeroa Police Station on 07 862 8744.

 Alternatively information can be left anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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