Tramper sleeps off his injuries

05:22, Jun 25 2012

A man who injured his head by falling more than 2m into a riverbed while tramping in the Hunua Ranges last week, decided to sleep off his injuries instead of calling for help.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter crew chief Herbie Barnes said the man walked to a car park and decided to roll out his sleeping bag for the night.

"He woke up later and called for help," Barnes said.

"He was able to walk to the helicopter and we took him to Auckland Hospital."

Barnes wasn't sure how far the man had to walk to the car park and said finding someone in a sleeping bag was unusual.

"He may have thought he was warm and okay enough to sleep it off," he said.
"He looked like a pretty fit gentleman but after a whack to the head you just do what you think is right at the time."

Barnes said the man had several lacerations to his head and added that the rescue was very different from that of Ronnie Fong who was lost in the same mountain range last week.

"He seemed to have enough equipment and he knew he was going to stay in the bush. In other circumstances I would say to make sure to have the right clothes, food and to be prepared for the conditions."


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