Girl airlifted from Mt Hutt skifield

03:14, Aug 10 2012

A 13-year-old girl was airlifted from the Mt Hutt skifield this afternoon with a possible spinal injury.

A Westpac rescue helicopter spokesman said the girl collided with other skiers on the busy field.

"She was skiing up Hutt and there was a bit of a collision with some other people. She had a suspected spinal injury," he said.

The girl was treated at the skifield but was taken by helicopter to Christchurch Hospital for further treatment.

The spokesman said that while there had not been as many ski injuries this season as in previous years, crews were still being kept busy.

Snowboarder lands on rock


The helicopter picked up a 32-year-old man with spinal injuries from the Mt Dobson skifield yesterday about lunch time.

A spokesman said the snowboarder had got his timing wrong during a jump and landed on his back on a rock.

"He has quite a bad fracture to his back. He will be OK but he will need quite a bit of rehabilitation," he said.

"Those jumps can be quite dangerous if you get the timing wrong."

The man was taken to Christchurch Hospital.

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