Boy racer apologises for 'idiotic' actions

Last updated 09:35 20/08/2012
Boy racers Aug 18

CHARITY CRUISE: Congregating boy racers caused traffic gridlocks around Christchurch on Saturday and sparked more than 60 complaints to police.

Jordan Mason
JORDAN MASON: ''I was just an idiot. For me to hang out a window . . . that's not me. I don't hang out of car windows every weekend at all.''

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Boy-racer trouble after charity cruise

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A former illegal street racer has apologised for his ''idiotic'' actions after being filmed hanging out a car window after a Christchurch charity cruise he promoted.

Jordan Mason yesterday said he had taken ''a lot of heat'' after his antics on Saturday night made television news headlines.

Congregating boy racers caused traffic gridlocks around the city and sparked more than 60 complaints to police.

Sergeant Kelly Larsen, of Papanui, said calls from the public complaining about ''dangerous'' and ''disorderly'' behaviour from up to 100 boy racers kept police busy from about 3pm on Saturday to 3am yesterday.

Mason said he was copping flak on social media because of the broadcast and was under fire from his mother also.

''My actions were absolutely stupid,'' he said.

''I was just an idiot. For me to hang out a window ... that's not me. I don't hang out of car windows every weekend at all.''

Mason said he had been a reformed racer since causing a near-fatal accident in 2002.

''I just about killed somebody . . . I was 17 at the time, but at that age you think you're six-foot tall and bulletproof.

''I learned from that straight away and I've never drag-raced [since].''

However, the ''limelight and the thrill'' on Saturday became too tempting.

''You drink and the limelight gets to you, but the next day, when you see yourself on the news, it makes you feel like s...

''I'm thinking to myself, 'Oh my god, that's me, what a f...... idiot'. That's the honest truth. I don't agree with people hanging out of windows because it's dangerous.''

He was spokesman for the fundraising cruise at Bexley Park earlier in the day, which he said was a well-controlled, non-alcoholic event.

Up to 300 vehicles took part and raised more than $450 for the Christ Church Cathedral restoration.

''We made it a no-alcohol event and not one person was drinking. Then people go home for tea, get their boxes [of alcohol] and then it starts,'' Mason said.

''From what happened [on Saturday] after a peaceful cruise, after 7pm, that was not part of the cruise. I can't apologise for 1200 people, but I'm apologising for my own actions.''

The event's reputation had been tarnished by the ''1 per cent'' who were troublemakers, he said.

Footage of a person being dragged along while holding the door of a moving car left him unimpressed.

''It's immature of me to be hanging out a window like that, but I did see some crazy stuff that I wouldn't even attempt to do. They might have been 17 to 20 years old, but I wouldn't have even been doing that at that age.''

Mason said his own behaviour was especially disappointing after of the ''applause and sensational remarks'' he received for promoting the cruise.

''Even my own mum  rings me up saying, 'You're an idiot, you're a clown, how old are you?' I've done that much apologising it's not funny, but you can't just apologise,'' he said.

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''I'm going to take the criticism on the chin and, hopefully, eliminate the stupidity [somehow].''

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