School boy hit by bus on West Coast

11:39, Aug 21 2012

A five-year-old boy is dead after being run over by a school bus in a small West Coast town.

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The child was run over after getting off the bus in Hector at 3.10pm, police said.

The accident happened after the boy got off the bus at the intersection of Curtis St and Greenfield St.

The bus then turned left onto Greenfield St.

A witness to the accident said the boy ran out in front of the bus as it turned the corner.

The boy, who was a pupil at Granity School, died at the scene.

Police have now seized the bus and will be interviewing the driver and other witnesses to the accident.

A kaumatua has blessed the accident site.

It is the third death of a young person in a vehicle-related crash on the West Coast in just over a week.

Nine-year-old Tayne Bowes drowned after his father's Toyota Hilux flipped upside down in a goldmine pond near Hokitika.

His eight-year-old sister, Keira, survived after spending nearly two hours in water in the submerged vehicle.

Earlier the same day, 18-year-old Nadine Jane Lawton, of Totara Flat, died when her car rolled near Ngahere, about 24 kilometres northeast of Greymouth.

Lawton was the sole occupant of the car and no other vehicles were involved in the crash.

Both deaths are still being investigated.


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