Stuff top 10: Week ending 26 August

05:29, Sep 06 2012
Soldiers bodies arrive in Christchurch
HOME: The fallen soldiers' bodies arrive at Christchurch airport.
Troops leave plane
ARRIVAL: Troops leave the plane to allow family members some private time with their loved ones.
Troops on the tarmac
ON THE TARMAC: Troops await orders.
Standing to attention
RESPECTFUL: Soldiers ahead of the formal ramp ceremony.
ON THE MARCH: Soldiers head away from the plane holding the bodies of the three soldiers.
Families go on board the Hercules
PRIVATE MOMENT: Family members enter the Hercules to spend time with their loved ones.
Families go on board the Hercules
PRIVACY: Families are given time alone with their loved ones before the official ramp ceremony is held.
Jacinda Baker's coffin is carried out of the Hercules
JACINDA BAKER: The first female soldier to be killed since World War II is carried off the plane by all-female pallbearers.
Coffin is carried out
RESPECTFUL: the bodies of all three soldiers have been brought to Christchurch.
Soldiers bodies carried off the plane
COMING HOME: A procession leads the soldiers bodies onto home ground.

Stuff's ten most read stories last week ranged from the tragic deaths of three Kiwi soldiers in Afghanistan, to how an elderly man was reunited with his lost life savings, and the naked antics of Prince Harry.

1. Three Kiwi soldiers killed in bomb blast named

A strike against those responsible for the deaths of three Kiwi soldiers in Afghanistan is being considered, the Defence Force says.

2. Naked Prince Harry photos genuine

Photos showing a naked Prince Harry cavorting with a woman in Las Vegas are genuine, Clarence House has confirmed to British media.

3. Woman killed in 'worst nightmare' police car crash

Last week's crash involving a police car in which a woman died is every officer's worst nightmare, Counties Manukau district commander John Tims says.

4. Elderly veteran reunited with his $23,000 life savings

A 90-year-old Greymouth war veteran has been reunited with the life savings he misplaced after having a cup of tea.

5. Playdough use offends some

The days of making macaroni necklaces and potato prints at kindergarten are quickly becoming a thing of the past - and playdough may be the next to go.

6. Lightning storm hits Wellington

Wellington was treated to a spectacular lightning display last week as a storm dropped hail stones the size of marbles on the Miramar Peninsula.

7. Sentencing turns into courthouse brawl

A bloody fight akin to a bar-room brawl erupted in the New Plymouth District Court last week.

8. Clues sought in Tony Scott suicide

Investigators are looking for clues what prompted Top Gun director Tony Scott to take his own life.

9. Nicole Kidman bares all for V

A pencil skirt featuring a comic acid face is as theatrical as her make-up and platinum hairdo. The shoot is neatly timed with the launch of forthcoming The Paperboy and the news that actress is to be honoured at the New York Film Festival.

10. Marriage equality stories: Hannah and Toni

In February, I got 'married' to my partner of three and a half years, writes Hannah Ockelford.


Lightning lights up Houghton Bay.
Lightning lights up Houghton Bay.
Hail stones at Strathmore Park.
Hail in Wellington
Hail on the deck of a house in Karaka Bay.
Lightning in Wellington
The lightning over Miramar peninsula.
Hail in Wellington
Hail at Worser Bay.
Lightning over Wellington Harbour.
Lightning over Miramar as seen from Eastbourne.
Lightning taken from Maungaraki Hill, Lower Hutt.
Lightning over Wellington.
Taken from Scorching Bay, Seatoun.
Lightning over Wellington taken from Fairfield looking south.
Taken from Ngaio looking out at the harbour.
Taken from Korokoro showing lightning strikes near Somes Island.
From Lowry Bay, Eastbourne
Taken at Newtown by the zoo.
Hailstones in Miramar
Hail in Wellington.
Taken early yesterday evening from Island Bay.
Toni Horne and Hannah Ockelford
MARRIAGE FOR REAL: Toni Horne and Hannah Ockelford.
BRAWL: The fight which erupted in the New Plymouth District Court.
BRAWL: The fight which erupted in the New Plymouth District Court.