Leigh-Ann Sabine's daughter speaks out

Jane Sabine says she never stopped waiting for her parents' return.

Jane Sabine says she never stopped waiting for her parents' return.

The story of Leigh-Ann Sabine made headlines around the world after her husband John Sabine's body was found buried in their garden 18 years after what is believed to have been his murder. 

Police believe Leigh-Ann slayed John, but she was already dead and would never have to answer for her crime.

But 47 years earlier, the couple had abandoned their five children in New Zealand, and now one of them has spoken out.

Daughter Jane Sabine, 50, said she wasn't surprised when she found out police had discovered a body in the garden, NZME reported.

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"I had to laugh. I did. But instantly, I thought it was my father."

Leigh-Ann died on October 30 from brain cancer and it wasn't long after, John's remains were found in vacuum-packed plastic wrap in the garden of their home in South Wales.

John Sabine vanished in 1997 but Leigh-Ann continued to put his name on the electoral register, and had his state benefits paid into their account - even though she told neighbours he left her. 

John died from blunt force trauma to the head, a post mortem revealed. 

"It didn't surprise me because what parent, let alone parents, leave five children? Anything's possible," Jane told NZME.

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Before Leigh-Ann died in 2014, Jane decided to get in touch with her mother and wrote a letter searching for answers. 

Jane said although she is now 50, she still has a sense of lost identity. 

"I feel disconnected. I am the age I am now, yet I am still that little girl with the need to know. That [need for a] sense of belonging."

Jane has had a difficult life, and says she was abused as a child. She also experienced losing a daughter, and her brother Martin's suicide. 

Despite her challenges, Jane has forged a successful career in sales and has made a family of her own with three children.

Her parents had abandoned her and her four siblings ranging from 9 months to 12 years, at a state-run nursery in 1969.

At only three years of age, Jane said she and her brother would run every time they saw a taxi or aeroplane heading towards where they lived, thinking it would be their parents coming to pick them up.

The five children became wards of the state and were looked after by Pauline Ayers before her health forced her to pass the siblings on to the Government. 

Now Jane is fundraising to go to the UK and find her half-brother and sister and cousins she never knew about - to try find parts of herself. 

* To help Jane reach the UK, you can donate here. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/helpjane

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