Nude swimmers take the plunge

01:21, Sep 01 2012
Oriental Bay Skinny Dip 1
Nice day for a dip.
Oriental Bay Skinny Dip 3
The naked participants get ready to hit the water in Oriental Bay.
Oriental Bay Skinny Dip 7
The winner of the nude swim collected $1000.
Oriental Bay Skinny Dip 5
But not for too long - that water is chilly.
Oriental Bay Skinny Dip 6
And they're off!
Oriental Bay Skinny Dip 7
Making a dash for dry land.

Seventeen brave - and naked - souls took to the water in Oriental Bay this morning to welcome in the first day of spring.

And one of them walked away with $1000 for his troubles.

The stunt was part of a radio station promotion, with one randomly-selected winner pocketing a grand.

Nineteen-year-old winner Luke McElwee said the prize was worth the discomfort.

''It was pretty cold. I went a bit numb in there, but it was good. It was fun doing it once you were there.''

Not everyone had quite so much fun though.


Dave Jarvis, 31, did not win the cash. Instead he left bloodied and bandaged after face-planting his water entry.

''I was pretty excited to have a swim with no clothes on. I dived in. I was a bit anxious to get myself in the water, since I was naked.

''I pretty much just hit the bottom. There were some shells and I cut myself up.''

Mr Jarvis received cuts to his nose, chin, chest, arms, knees and feet, he said.

Despite the mishap, he said "'it was a great morning.''

The event was organised by radio station ZM to celebrate the beginning of spring.

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