Man confronts officer who he claims cut him off on the road video


A man followed and stopped a police officer after the officer cut him off at an intersection.

A police officer was confronted by a driver who accused the officer of cutting him off. 

However, the officer's response has been praised by many, including the police. 

A 54-second clip was posted on Facebook on Friday which shows a man confronting a police officer and accusing him of cutting him off.

The officer was praised for his calm response and behaviour.

The officer was praised for his calm response and behaviour.

It's unclear what actually happened as the clip starts after the alleged traffic offence.

In the video, the man approaches the police officer in an unmarked car and says: "You know that you're supposed to follow the road rules, right? You can't just pull out on people like that."

The officer immediately apologises and gives his badge number and first name when the man requests it. 

The man then said he would have been given a ticket if he'd "done that".

The officer replies: "Not necessarily."

The man, who lists his hometown as Manukau City on Facebook, returns to his car and says he will take further action.

On Monday night, the clip had been viewed nearly 300,000 times, has 4467 likes and had been shared 2445 times. 

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It's unclear whether an official complaint has been made in relation to the incident.

However, police senior professional conduct manager, Inspector Tracy Phillips, applauded the manner in which the police officer conducted himself, the NZ Herald reported. 

"He apologised straight away, he admitted the mistake, he gave his name, he gave his number and stayed really calm in the face of someone who was in a little bit of an elevated state."

Phillips said that she intended to contact the officer in question and congratulate him on his calm reaction and attitude. 

She said there were a number of ways to make a complaint against an officer, including through the police website, the Independent Police Conduct Authority or at a police station.


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