Crash teens 'extremely fortunate'

04:59, Sep 08 2012

Police are hailing it a miracle after nine teens piled into a small VW Golf, including one crammed in the boot, walked away unscathed from a motorway car smash.

Their car was seen swerving across the lanes of Auckland's motorways about 1.30am today before crashing near the Constellation Drive on-ramp - closing the motorway for four hours as police cleaned up the mess.

But amazingly all nine of the teens were relatively unharmed - only three, including the boy in the boot - received minor injuries.

Police said the nine were "extremely fortunate".

They were travelling to the city after attending a party on the North Shore.

Emergency services were called after the car was seen swerving left and right before crashing into an armco railing.


The male seated in the boot of the car was taken to Auckland Hospital with potentially serious injuries, however they were downgraded to minor injuries.

The female driver and a front seat passenger were also taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Police were calling for the driver of a white taxi with a blue roof light who paused at the scene of the crash to come forward.

Senior Constable Karl Bevin believed the taxi driver witnessed the VW Golf driver's behaviour ahead of the crash and said the person was an integral witness.

Anyone with information on the crash was urged to call the Serious Crash Unit on (09) 481 0307.

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