Baby's mother tracked down

06:57, Sep 11 2012

Police have found the mother of a baby girl found dead at an Lower Hutt property yesterday,

A woman aged in her early 20s was identified as the mother of the child following police enquiries in the area today, Inspector Shane Cotter said.

"When located by police, this woman had not sought any medical attention, however she has since been hospitalised this afternoon and is being treated for complications as a result of the birth."

Enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the baby's birth were continuing, Cotter said.

An autopsy would be carried out tomorrow.

A woman found the baby at her Taita Drive, believed to be no more than a day old, at 10.30am yesterday.

''She's coping with what she's witnessed ... she's got her husband there supporting her and victim support have been in contact. It's not the sort of thing you expect to find so they are coming to terms with it,''  Cotter said.

The woman had gone outside to hang her washing on the line when she found the baby.


The Dominion Post