Nobody injured in Queenstown house fire

23:35, Sep 14 2012
Queenstown house fire
BLAZE: A house fire was extinguished in Queenstown this morning around 6am.

Arson is suspected in a massive house fire in Queenstown this morning that woke neighbours.

Multiple calls were received to the blaze at about 5.50am and initial thoughts were that someone was trapped in the Glasgow St house, a fire communications spokesman said.

Three trucks attended from Queenstown and one from Frankton to find it "well-ablaze".

However, it was quickly extinguished and no one was found to be inside.

Queenstown Deputy Fire Chief Terry O'Connell said it was badly damaged.

"The whole top floor is pretty well burnt out."

Ana Plaza who lived next door to the house said she was terrified.

She was sleeping at the time and woken by the noise and flames close to her home.

 "I hope nothing like that happens again. It was terrible," she said.

She took her passport, hand bag and bosses dog that she was looking after and ran from the house with her two flatmates.

Fire safety was attending and there was no indication of the case at this stage.


Queenstown house fire
INFERNO: The house engulfed in flames before firefighters arrived.

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