Hutt dog dies after eating 1080 bait

A dog has died after eating 1080 poison in Kaitoke Regional Park near Upper Hutt.

The six-year-old black labrador was walking on lead with its family on a track on Sunday afternoon, where it ate a 1080 cereal bait.

It was taken to a vet after showing signs of poisoning, but died soon after.

The Greater Wellington regional council is currently warning of a 1080 drop in the region to control possums.

It advises people not to take dogs into the area.

1080 National Network NZ spokeswoman Kate Winters said a six-month-old puppy also died recently, after eating poison from a drop in the Rimutaka Ranges.

It was pet owners' responsibility to look after their animals, she said.

The labrador was led past at least two signs, warning against taking dogs into the park.

Vet Rachel Procter, who treated the stricken labrador yesterday, said the family was deeply shocked.

"It was a lovely young dog too. One minute it was bouncing around and the next minute it was dead."

The incident showed all the signs of 1080 poisoning, she said.

If an owner saw their dog eat 1080 bait, it was important to take it straight to a vet, even if it had vomited.

By the time symptoms began it was too late to save the animal, she said.

Symptoms included vomiting, anxiety, disorientation and shaking.

This developed into frenzied behaviour and seizures, followed by collapse and death.

A Greater Wellington regional council spokeswoman said the dog's death was regretted.

Dog owners were strongly advised to keep their dogs safe from accidental poisoning by keeping them out of the 1080 drop area until all warning signs were gone.

The Dominion Post