Scott Guy's parents move on with life

SCOTT GUY: Killed in 2010.
SCOTT GUY: Killed in 2010.

The mother of murdered farmer Scott Guy wakes up each morning and searches for something to be thankful for, be it her family or simply the sunshine.

Jo Guy, who wears a photo of her slain son in a locket around her neck, focuses on her grandchildren and on making a new life.

Scott, 31, was shot dead at the end of his Feilding driveway two years ago. His brother-in-law, Ewen Macdonald was charged with and later acquitted of murder.

Today, Jo and her husband, Bryan Guy, talk about the intense publicity that enveloped Scott's death and the murder trial.

Bryan said the family had initially planned to get together every two weeks after the killing. But, "we couldn't recreate what we had; we found that with that one person missing it just wasn't the same".

"Now we've got to start making new memories and new traditions for the family," Bryan said.

"A lot of people are asking how we feel about things. It's been such a public thing - not that we wanted it to be, but it has. It probably just needs a close off."

Both parents recall their son's smile, a smile Jo can look at whenever she needs to with Scott's photo close to her heart in the locket around her neck.

"We just loved him. He kind of lit up a room when he came in," Jo said.

The Guys emphasise the need to stay positive about life, with Jo describing how she wakes up in the morning and thinks of something to be thankful for.

"We don't want to be bitter and twisted and angry about what happened," Bryan said.

Some people would come up on the street to talk, yet not know what to say or whether they should mention Scott.

Public support has been "overwhelming" and, at times, "healing".

"It's given us lots of strength and courage to get through it," Bryan said.

They would often talk about Scott, and wanted to keep it that way.

Work-wise, Bryan had just appointed a new farm manager, which took the pressure of him.

At some stage the farm would probably be sold.

Jo last year closed the women's fashion store Reve she ran with daughter Nikki and had since developed a love of writing and hoped to do something positive in that field.

Scott's widow, Kylee, has said she is working with private investigators to look into her husband's death, but the Guys were not actively involved in that.

"There's so many unanswered questions and rather than focus on that we've focused on the grandchildren and the family and making a new life for ourselves," Bryan said.

The four-and-a-half week murder trial in Wellington was stressful for the couple and they were relieved when it was over.

While there they were conscious of the attention the case received, such as when they went out to dinner.

"You can see everybody looking at you. You could hear people talking about it as well," Jo said.

They were not surprised to hear their daughter Anna, who was married to Macdonald, was planning to move away from Feilding.

Their other children were settling down. Nikki was in a relationship, as was Callum, who lives in Hamilton.

NOT THE SAME WITHOUT SCOTT: Bryan and Jo Guy at home.
NOT THE SAME WITHOUT SCOTT: Bryan and Jo Guy at home.

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