Evacuation after chemical spill at Christchurch's St Bede's College

Part of Christchurch's St Bede's College has been evacuated after a chemical spill. 

Two fire engines, a command unit, and the Hazardous Substance Unit were called to the school at 10.35am on Wednesday, Fire Service communications centre shift manager Lyn Crosson said.

"They have some sort of chemical spill in a prep room near one of their science labs . . . a cabinet has fallen over."

Crosson said a variety of chemicals were inside the cabinet.

"With it falling over they [the chemicals] have mixed and we are there because any sort of mix of chemicals is quite often not good."

Part of the school was evacuated as a precaution and the Hazardous Substance Unit was there in case it needed to assist with clean up. 

A St John spokesman said two people were assessed by paramedics at the scene, but were unlikely to need further treatment. 

Meanwhile, St John was also dealing with a car crash outside the school on Main North Rd.

One ambulance, which was on its way to the chemical spill, was diverted to the crash, the spokesman said.

One person was taken to Christchurch Hospital with moderate injuries. 

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