NZ Palestinians protest Gaza attacks

01:43, Jan 31 2009
Protesters burn a US flag in Auckland's Aotea Square as part of a protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza. Around 350 people took part in the protest.

New Zealand's small Palestinian community turned out in force at a peaceful protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza.

About 350 people gathered outside the United States consulate in Auckland yesterday evening in a protest organised by veteran activist John Minto.

They were protesting "an unholy massacre" that had turned Palestine into a hellhole, he said.

"This is an appalling abuse of human rights.''

Several Palestinian speakers told the rally that Israel had used the Holocaust to justify its existence but was now imposing a similar fate on Palestinians.

Three police officers watched on.

After protesting outside the closed US consulate in Customhouse Street the protesters then marched up a quiet Queen Street to Aotea Square, where a US flag was burnt. A shoe was also displayed on a fishing rod - a symbol of the shoes thrown at US President George Bush by Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zeidi.


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