Surgeons attempt to reattach severed foot

06:48, Oct 10 2012

A man who had his lower leg severed in a freak work accident has undergone surgery in an attempt to reattach it.

The 41-year-old man, who works in log operations for Genera, had lower leg severed just above the ankle by a wire rope at the Port of Tauranga this morning.

He was flown to Waikato Hospital this afternoon where surgeons have been working to reattach his foot.

Waikato Hospital spokeswoman Mary Anne Gill could not confirm whether the surgery was successful.

The man was in recovery and would soon be sent to a ward.

TrustPower TECT Rescue Helicopter base manager Liam Brettkelly said he was in pain ''but in good spirits'' enroute to Waikato.

The accident was being investigated.