'Sinister-looking' ship docks in Auckland

SHIP A LOW HUM: The Stalwart - at front - has been suggested as the source of a low humming noise by some people.
SHIP A LOW HUM: The Stalwart - at front - has been suggested as the source of a low humming noise by some people.

A Singaporean navy ship at the heart of a mystery in Wellington is now berthed in Auckland. 

Wellington City Council has received 40 complaints of a low-pitched humming sound troubling residents in the Mt Victoria, Newtown and Mt Cook area since last Saturday. 

Many pointed the finger at the Singapore navy frigate Stalwart, which was berthed in Wellington Harbour. 

It left Wellington on Thursday, arriving in Auckland on Friday.Wellington council spokesman Richard MacLean said the frigate explanation was plausible because large diesel generators were usually on board.

Auckland Council have so far not received any calls about a low-pitched humming sound.

''It was a pretty large, grey, sinister-looking ship.'' 

MacLean said the council would be watching the phone logs carefully to see if the number of calls died down now that the ship had left. 

In the past week, the council had received about 30 emails from throughout the country from people wanting to share their theories and experiences. 

''Someone was telling us it was made by bugs flying around or swarms of insects. Others thought it was the ventilator on top of Mt Victoria. It's obviously not causing anyone any great angst apart from reports from a few people being kept awake by it.'' 

This week the council had sent noise control officers to two callouts related to the hum but Mr MacLean said people had mainly just been wanting to report the noise rather than have council come and listen. 

RSS Stalwart will be in Auckland from from October 13 to 16 ahead of a bilateral exercise, Lion Zeal, held annually between Singapore and New Zealand.

Exercise Lion Zeal is a combined operation designed to enhance the interoperability and strengthen professional relationships between the two Defence Forces and will take place in late October.

RSS Stalwart is a Formidable Class frigate based out of Changi Naval Base, Singapore.During its visit the ship will not be open to the public.

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