Pike River families to get first look at report

Families of the 29 men killed in the Pike River mine will see a report on the disaster before it is publicly released on Monday.

The report from a royal commission of inquiry into the tragedy will be made public at 3.45pm on Monday, ahead of Prime Minister John Key's weekly post-Cabinet press conference.

Government ministers Gerry Brownlee and Christopher Finlayson will present the report and the Government's response to victims' families in Greymouth shortly before then.

The report made recommendations to prevent something similar occurring again, Finlayson said, and examined what happened in the Pike River mine.

"This is an important milestone for the families, and it is essential that they are able to see the results of this very thorough investigation which they have patiently observed and taken part in."

The 29 men died after an explosion at the underground West Coast coalmine in November 2010.

Anna Osborne, whose husband Grey District councillor Milton Osborne was among the 29, said she "can't wait to get my hands on a copy".

"[I want to] go through it and try and dissect what's been written and to try and understand . . . how they came to those conclusions."

Victims' families have been sceptical of the report's worth because of limited inspections at the mine.

"No-one's been down in the mine to have a look and find the evidence that is going to prove . . . what happened down there," Osbourne said.

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