The garage that keeps getting munted

22:58, Nov 04 2012
Ford Falcon crash
DOUBLE TROUBLE: The Ford Falcon that crashed into Maree and Murray West's Tosswill Rd home is the second vehicle to hit their garage.

An out-of-control vehicle has once more crashed into the garage of Nelson residents Maree and Murray West.

The couple were woken around 4.30am by neighbours who heard the crash, which they described as ''like an explosion''.

Mrs West said it was the second time their garage had been hit by what appeared to be a speeding vehicle on Tosswill Rd. Last time the vehicle went through the garage door and the force of the impact shunted their own vehicle out of the garage.

This time the car has gone off the road and spliced through the side of the garage. Mrs West said it was lucky they did not need their boat at the moment, which was stored in the garage and unable to be towed out.

She said the accident about 4.15am yesterday was heard by several neighbours, including one who was up watching television as she was unable to sleep.

''She heard the car come screaming around the corner, and then waited for the bang,'' Mrs West said.


Other neighbours, who alerted the Wests soon after it happened, said it sounded like an explosion as the car rounded the corner, dropped off the footpath and then rammed the side of the garage.

Another resident on the corner of Tosswill and Tamaki Rds also heard the crash and stepped outside his property to see what he described as two men heading up the road immediately afterwards.

Mrs West said the tow truck ''had a bit of fun'' getting the car off the garage and up the bank.

She said it was a rude awakening yesterday, but luckily the damage was no more than an inconvenience.