Hutt girl fights off would-be abductor

A 12-year-old girl narrowly avoided being abducted in Lower Hutt after she was able to fight off her attacker.

Detective Iain Burns, of Lower Hutt Police CIB, said the girl was walking along Randwick St, towards the Moera shopping centre, about 7pm last night when a man jumped out the passenger door of a parked car and grabbed her by the shoulders.

''He tried to force her into the car but she was able to fight him off and make her escape.''

The girl suffered a small graze to her knee after she was thrown to the ground. She was shaken but otherwise fine, Burns said.

The attack happened just a few blocks from her home.

The man is described as a male Maori with short black hair and a beard. He was wearing dark sunglasses, black track pants and a black jersey.

He also walked with a noticeable limp, Burns said.

The Girls' Self Defence Project spokeswoman Alison Broad said the girl's "courageous" response to the attack was very impressive.

"From our understanding of what happened, she did everything right. She fought off the attacker and escaped to safety. It appears she was also able to give a clear description of the offender."

Attacks on girls and young women were always disturbing, Ms Broad said.

"But it is a relief to hear when girls and women successfully thwart the attack."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lower Hutt Police on (04) 560 2600 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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