Warkworth supermarket burns

09:38, Nov 10 2012
SHOP FIRE: Fire engines outside the Warkworth Four Square.

Firefighters will stay at the site of a large supermarket fire in Warkworth, 60km north of Auckland, overnight.

Sixteen fire engines from Auckland and Whangarei were called to the blaze in a Four Square supermarket in the town's main precinct.

The 35m-by-25m supermarket and adjoining house were damaged.

A Fire Service Northern Communications spokesman said the fire had been brought under control after spreading into the ceiling.

"Firefighters managed to stop it from spreading to any areas where stock was kept," he said. "Nobody was involved or injured."

Warkworth Vets, which neighbours the supermarket, had been given the all-clear by the Fire Service, although its resident cat is missing.


Veterinarian Roger Dunn said he has been down at the scene while fire fighters work on the building, which is still smoking.

"They seem to be dampening down whats left," he said. "One firefighter said the inside was quite bad but it looks relatively normal from the street, you can't see much."

Dunn said it was by chance the vet clinic did not have any patients tonight and fortunate the building did not sustain any damage.

However, he has not been able to find the cat which lives at the clinic.

"We think he has gotten the heck out of there," he said.

Fire investigators are determining the cause of the fire.

In Auckland, the Fire Service was called to a Papatoetoe house fire earlier tonight. It was thought to have been caused by fireworks.

The blaze began in the rear of the house and spread to the roof, where it was extinguished.