Man hit by taxi: Death 'unintentional'

21:27, Nov 14 2012

A coroner has found no clear evidence to suggest death was self inflicted, after a man ran onto a Whangarei road and was hit by a taxi.

Stuart William Chisnall, 43, died two days after the crash which happened in the early hours of December 24, 2009.

Coroner Brandt Shortland said Chisnall had been admitted to Whangarei Hospital where his prognosis of a severe brain injury was effectively untreatable.

He died on December 26 after a medical team had decided that in view of his extremely poor outlook, Chisnall should be made comfortable and be allowed to die with no further intensive care support.

The passenger in the taxi had said a woman who stopped to help at the crash scene told the taxi driver "that she knows him and to go, saying that he does this all the time".

Police had been unable to identify who that woman was, and there was no evidence to examine Chisnall's state of mind, the coroner said.

"This was an unusual situation, whether it was deliberate or unintentional the evidence is silent on that matter."

There was no clear evidence to suggest the death was self-inflicted, and in his view it was an unintentional death.

The incident happened after the taxi driver had slowed at a T-intersection and checked for traffic to his right, then turned left from Tarewa Rd onto Otaika Rd.

"Out of nowhere" Chisnall ran in front of the taxi and was struck, the coroner's finding said.

A police investigation found palm trees on the roadside may have obscured the taxi driver's vision of anyone coming from that area.