Prince Charles' cake appears on Trade Me

20:49, Nov 15 2012
Prince Charles cake
BIRTHDAY BASH: A piece of cake distributed at Prince Charles' Wellington birthday party on Wednesday has appeared on Trade Me.

A piece of cake from Prince Charles' Wellington birthday party has appeared on Trade Me.

Listed by Wellington seller Sandy Jamison, the auction promises a ''one-time opportunity to have Prince Charles' birthday cake and eat it too''.

Bidding had reached $100 at about 9.20am. Bidding closes at 8pm tonight.

Jamison said the cake came into her possession because both her partner and son-in-law shared the same birthday as the prince, November 14.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles celebrated his 64th birthday at Government House with 64 Kiwis who shared his birthday.

Her partner - born five minutes before the prince - and son-in-law both entered the draw to attend the party, but just her son-in-law won, meaning he celebrated turning 51 at Government House.


''We were quite disappointed, so they felt really sorry for us and gave us the other piece of cake.''

Guests were each given two pieces of cake to take away. The piece for sale was from the official fruit birthday cake for the prince.

She listed the piece of Trade Me for a laugh. ''It's just been hilarious. We are having some friends around at 8pm when it closes, having a sausage sizzle and watching it close.''

She said she had been ''stunned'' by the response to the auction.

''I didn't realise there were so many royalists in New Zealand.''

In response to questions, Jamison said the auction is not for charity, ''but we are hoping that bidding will stimulate the economy''.

One hopeful bidder, a bit short of cash and inquiring how much a bite of the cake would cost, was told in true Marie Antoinette fashion: ''Let them eat cake''.


And one person inquired if the cake complied with health and safety regulations, because ''my mother is an avid royalist with wheat, lactose and nut intolerance''.

Jamison replied: ''I can indeed assure this hopeful bidder that the cake is full of wheat, lactose and nuts. I too hope that the royal chef is familiar with NZ H&S regs. All the best to your mother.''

Her son-in-law appreciated the humour of the auction.

The slice of cake was wrapped in a gold-coloured box with a royal seal.

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