Infatuated mother ran off with girl

Leanna Marie Hodgetts
Leanna Marie Hodgetts

A mother dropped her children at school before running away with her 14-year-old lover, a court heard yesterday.

Leanna Marie Hodgetts, 39, who has two teenage children, met the girl and kissed her at a party she was hosting last December. They ran away together in May, after the girl's family told police about their relationship.

Hodgetts initiated the relationship, during which they exchanged sexually explicit texts and shared a bed, Napier District Court was told yesterday.

The Crown's summary of facts stated that Hodgetts took advantage of the girl, who had a "tumultuous life".

Her family told police about Hodgett's relationship with a minor. The police arranged to interview Hodgetts, but the day before the interview she dropped her children at school and texted the girl, telling her to pack a bag.

They travelled to Tauranga and stayed for a week. Hodgetts ignored all calls and texts, including from her own daughter.

Hodgetts pleaded guilty to depriving a parent of her child and twice having an unlawful sexual connection with the girl.

Hodgetts is remanded in custody until next month for sentencing. Fairfax NZ

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