Sisters auction naming rights to help sick friend

20:15, Nov 19 2012
Sisters Lynda, 19, left, and Katy Grimmer, 21
HELPING HAND: Sisters Lynda, 19, left, and Katy Grimmer, 21, have started a Trade Me auction to help their friend Molly Frank, 18, who has cancer, but ‘‘even to this day, puts people’s happiness before her own’’. They are holding a picture of her.

Two Wellington sisters are auctioning the chance to pick their middle names to raise money for a friend with terminal cancer.

Lynda and Katy Grimmer started the Trade Me auction to help their friend Molly Frank, 18, take a trip with her family to the South Island.

"We just wanted to do something to help, it's quite hard to stand by and see your friend going through it all and not knowing what to do," Lynda, 19, said.

The sisters were not given middle names at birth and are open to "creative ideas", but "reserve the right to refuse any rude or offensive names".

Ideally, the highest bidder would rename them Lynda Molly and Katy Frank, which was Molly's choice. "She thinks they go well together," Katy, 21 said.

Molly was diagnosed last June with rabdomyosarcoma - an aggressive type of cancer that causes tumours in soft tissue.


After a year of intensive chemotherapy and radiation at Starship hospital, she went into remission for three months before a new tumour was found in her chest.

"The outlook's not that great," her mum Jo Bull said.

"If she had taken a chemotherapy option she was given a 5 per cent chance of survival, which is why she chose not to take it because the odds just weren't good enough for her.

Ms Frank will have one more round of radiation in an attempt to shrink the tumour, but after that it will be "dealing with things as they happen", Ms Bull said.

"There's nothing really more in conventional medicine that can be done for her. We are looking at alternatives as well, but we just want to get this holiday under way."

Ms Bull said the auction - which had reached $2300 as of last night - was an amazing idea. Ms Frank's older sister Charlotte was also spearheading a campaign to raise money via a Facebook page called Molly's Journey.

The Levin family of six plan to travel down one coast to Bluff and back up the other before Christmas.

"Molly was born on the West Coast and we moved up here when she was about five. She would love to go back down there and see where we used to live," Ms Bull said.

Ms Frank was still a typical teenager who loved music, her friends and the van she's done up, Ms Bull said.

The sisters described Ms Frank as a fun, selfless person who puts others first. She was also training to be an early childhood teacher before she became ill.

"Even to this day she's put people's happiness before her own, it's just crazy," Katy said.

The auction closes on Sunday night - two days after Ms Frank's 19th birthday.

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