Power out as residents return home

02:48, Dec 08 2012

Most residents in the tornado damaged areas of West Auckland returned to their homes last night as the cordon was lifted but 177 houses are still without power.

Vector Energy managed to restore power to 280 homes throughout the night. Most of the properties which suffered major damage have been left without power.

In the Whenuapi and Hobsonville suburbs 520 homes were assessed by Auckland Council building inspectors. 

Twenty two properties have been identified as seriously damaged and many more have minor damage.

Crews are working to properly disconnect power to the damaged homes for safety reasons.

They are also working to clear trees which have fallen onto power lines and work is being done to fix a damaged transformer.

Auckland Council is still looking after a number of lost animals at the West Auckland Animal Shelter. 

Once the cordon is lifted, animal welfare staff will assist owners with finding any missing animals left behind when they were evacuated.


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