Stuff top 10: 3-9 December

23:03, Dec 11 2012
DESTRUCTION: A tornado swept through Hobsonville, leaving a trail of debris in its wake.

The tornado strike in Auckland was the most read news on Stuff last week with high interest also shown in the prank call to the London hospital where Kate Middleton was receiving treatment and the death of a nurse employed there days later.

1. Tornado pummels Auckland, Rotorua

The final toll was three dead, seven hospitalised and hundreds displaced and terrified.

Kate Middleton
EXPECTING: Kate Middleton is pregnant, the royal family has confirmed.

2. Nurse who took Middleton prank call found dead

Royal baby news is overshadowed by the shock death of a nurse in caught up in a prank call.

3. North Island woken by earthquake


brendon horan
BRENDAN HORAN: Dumped from NZ First.

Saturday's magnitude 5.8 quake was widely felt, not only because of its size, but because of the tectonic plate it happened on.

4. Kate Middleton pregnant palace confirms

Duke and Duchess hoped to keep news of their expected child to themselves until Christmas.

5. Woman impaled on church fence

Firefighters used power tools to free a woman impaled in the thigh by two metal spears on church fence.

6. Bullet holes in car may be clue in suspicious death

Police say the person whose body was found in a burnt-out car was Christchurch car salesman Shane Malcolm Bell, 28.

7. Fantastic young guy dies during bike race

Rotorua's cycling fraternity is in shock after a 21-year-old cyclist died following a short race.

8. Nitrate poisoning ruled out in cow deaths

Farmers across the country have been asked to help a couple after 120 of their cows dropped dead in their paddock.

9. Tsunami warning after Japan quake

A strong quake centred off north-eastern Japan shook buildings as far away as Tokyo and triggered a 1m tsunami in an area devastated by last year's Fukushima disaster.

10. Horan fights removal from Parliament

NZ First leader Winston Peters expelled Horan from the party after receiving "substantive material" that caused him to lose confidence in the Tauranga-based list MP.